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Bulletproof at it's finest

Notice (to be tumbtacked on forehead)--
Do not expect me to be functional, capable, competent, rational, logical, or even understanding for the next indefinite amount of time.
That fact that I'm not in line for euthanasia means that everything else goes. All for the
low, low price of my sanity fragments.

Please be reminded that personal sanity safety precautions should probably be taken before you consider anything along the lines of contact.

Most creatures WILL attack anyone after they have been kicked past their tolerance.

- Your local fuckfacedfreak with disaster magnets in his teeth and people-repelling chemicals in his skin.


 when in doubt

add another eight peircings.

Jun. 3rd, 2010

as it turns out

walking and walking and walking (for anywhere between 2 - 20 hours in one go, lately it's most often around 15, give or take a bit), 
like any other coping mechanism,

has it's limits.

auuuuugggghhhh sosoresotired.

Public Service Announcement



"But you've had all this time to [do something or other that needs doing, or something]!" and "What do you do all [day/night]?!"

"What do you spend all your time doing, if you don't [do whatever anyone else is doing]?"

does the

Well don't fucking look at me. I never seem to know.

the perfect analogy

Watson: "Suprise, your life is still happening!"
Captain: "Exactly! Me too!"
W: "I know! It's like while you were busy trying to process the past six months, another six monts of shit happened!"
C "Yeah! It's like you're digging this hole, and people keep pissing in it and dumping their shit, and you're like, 'Why isn't this hole getting any deeper?! Why does it smell so bad?!"

(this is about where we both broke down into hysterical laughter)

Watson (upon seeing this entry): "Oh god," (hysterical laughter) "we're W.C.!"
Captain: "Oh damn."
(more hysterical laughter)
(context: waiting for Skins S04E07 to download so we can go back to our regularly scheduled comedy/tragedy drinking game.)

"22 minutes! The down speed is going up again! Yay!"
"A watched pot never boils, Captain."
"Well, then I'll just smoke instead. Who wants to watch pot when you could smoke it, anyway?"

the spoonless crew:

things that I did today that count as productive because they needed doing and I didn't really feel like doing them but sucked it up and did them anyway:

- took a bunch of pills
- ate food
- got out of bed to smoke (I didn't accomplish this on the first try)

things that I should have done today but didn't:

- clean (everything/anything)
- take out the garbage (all of of it)
- try to deal with my music players/playlists/noisebot crap
- at least change the damn playlist

......the rest of this list isn't worth assembling.

other things I did today:

smoke pot with my brother!
burst into hysterical laughter and remain rendered unable to stop for a significant amount of time!
livejournal entry!

thought I learned this years ago

Everything changes when you start to put a patch over something that's been left open for so goddamn long.

& everything changes, too, with the discovery that some things can't be closed at all.

a note which may or may not be necessary

To say that you understand and accept something does not necessarily mean that you do understand or accept it. Even to believe it with utmost sincerity does not, at the bottom of things, make it true.

It is an unfortunate, disillusioning thing to consider, but it is there all the same.